How to mount partition on drive

I am new to Linux and need some help if possible, I have 4 partitions set up and want to install another OS on Partition SDB4. I split the drive into 4 partitions. For now it will not nor do I have knowledge to mount part 4. What is the best format type to use on a clean partition etc. Used Gpart to resize so that part 4 will exist. Any help will be great

Hello there! The best way to mount partitions or drives, is via the DISKS utility.

Click the Zorin :zorin: logo bottom of screen, type disks, click on that to open DISKS.

On the left side of the window is your physical drives list. Choose the one in question. On the right side of the window, shows all the available partitions on the drive.

Click the gear :gear: icon, click EDIT MOUNT PARTITION.

Make sure to put a checkmark in AUTO mount at boot, and SHOW in system interface. Keep in mind, you can also manually mount partitions, via the Play :play_or_pause_button: icon as well in the previous window.

Before I install an OS, I always start with an EXT4 partition. Then when I go to install an OS, I let the installer do what it needs to do an auto install from that point fourth. Hope this helps!


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You can also open your file browser, click other on the left and double click the drive(partition) that corresponds with the size you wanted to access.

StarTrekers way is great if you want to mount it on boot. Not if you only want to access it sometimes.

Unmount by hitting the eject icon in your file browser or Taskbar.

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As long as SHOW IN INTERFACE is checked, then yes, he could do that in his file manager.


This isn't an option when you partition by gparted or windows. I believe the partition is automatically added since I've always seen my partitions from the file browser without checking that. No matter what it's formatted as.

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