How to persist audio source/sink preferences?

(I'm using Zorin 16.2 Lite)

Hello. I've got a USB DAC, for headphone audio, and whenever it gets unplugged, or the computer is slept/restarted, or sometimes if just no audio plays for a while, Zorin seems to forget about it. To correct this, I need to go into sound settings and direct sound to it.

The online research I've done reveals that this is a common weakness with Linux, and fixing it may not be possible without digging into the audio systems, adding scripts, etc. But I thought I'd ask here anyway, since Zorin is what I've got.

Also maybe relevant: I've replaced PulseAudio with Pipewire, so that I can use EasyEffects. I might be willing to revert to PulseAudio if it holds a solution to this problem.

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