How to pin Other storage devices on sidebar in zorin explorer(nautilius)

Well, It's inconvinient to click the "Other locations" to get all the devices, how can I pin the devices on the sidebar

Furthermore, if there was a way to show "Other locations" as the default screen when opening the file explorer(yes a windows memory lol)

I have always thought so. In fact, Nautilus is the only file manager that does this.

But that also means that there is a very easy solution: Use a different file manager.
I use Nemo File manager. It shows devices in logical order on the tree and has an actual accessible toolbar where you can pin your often-used actions like folder direction and movement instead of hiding your tooling access behind hamburgers.

On my setup of Nemo, to reach root, instead of jumping through Gnomes hoops, I tap the Up Arrow icon on the toolbar twice. That's it.

You also could use Thunar, PCManFM or other GTK file managers for good integration instead of Nemo or Nautilus.
Or a Qt formatted file manager like Dolphin using qt5ct package to format it to use the GTK theme.

Can you guide me how to install Nemo File manager, because I think mint had that by default

Sure, you can install it swiftly with just one terminal command:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install nemo

Or you can install using your preferred Software Package Manager like Synaptic or the default Gnome Software store in Zorin OS.

If you like Nemo, you will likely want to make it the Default File Manager. Please see this thread on how to do so:


For what is worth, this has been in the works for some time and it looks like it may land in upcoming version of Gnome. Not estimated date yet but looks like it could be soon:

That is a very good tip .... I never knew that and have had to do the sudo -i route to open root ..... thanks

Open the device and...

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Using the up arrow will get you to location; it will not elevate privileges. For that, right click and select "Open in Root".

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Actually, I had this question, how can I add mounted drive on sidebar?
I couldn't find any answer, most of them suggest installing Nemo FM, anyway I have an easy solution.
Go to computer / mnt (some devices go to media folder) and add your desire mounted devices as a folder to the bookmark.

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