How to properly upgrade Zorin 16.1 to new Libreoffice 7.4

Dear All,

I'm a very happy user of Zorin 16.1, one of the best distros out there, it has stability, beautiful user interface, and excellent community.

Owing to the recent upgrade of Libreoffice 7.4 which has better compatibility with office docs, making MS Office almost obsolete in favor of open source software, and knowing Zorin 16.1 comes with version, what is the easiest way of upgrading to 7.4.

I read some distros came with flatpak version, others with ubuntu package , also if you upgrade with a flatpak on a ubuntu, you have both versions installed.

What is the easiest way to upgrade to Libreoffice 7.4, without having two versions installed, or to overwrite existing


Libreoffice 7.4 is what the Libreoffice devs call a "Fresh" release - what we would call a Beta.
On their page, they warn:

The latest "fresh" version of LibreOffice, recommended for technology enthusiasts, which contains new features and program enhancements. This version may contain a few annoying bugs which will be fixed in the next bugfix versions to come. Detailed release notes can be accessed from the link below.
LibreOffice 7.4.0 is the initial release of the fresh line.

Please keep this in mind - Zorin OS relies on Stability and Fewer Bugs.

With that warning in mind...
The 7.4 Download for the deb installer is found here.
The above is not Flatpak or Snap. It is APT in a .deb package and installing it will replace the existing version.

To Install:

Run the download above, then move to your ~/Downloads directory. Locate the Libreoffice- tar.gz. Right click it and select "Extract here."
Open the extracted directory, then open the folder marked DEBS
Within this, you will find all the different variations. The one called libobasis7.4-core is the one you most likely want.
You can install what you actually use and ignore the rest. Or you can install all at once if you want to.... right click an open area of the window and select "Open in terminal"
Then run

sudo dpkg -i *.deb


This is true, but nothing is stopping you from removing the previous version after installing the flatpak.

Flatpak version is

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