How to put apps to home screen 17.1

I have been trying to find a way to put app shortcuts to home screen on Zorin 17.1 but it baffles me. Any ideas?

You mean that on their context menu you don't have Add to desktop? With home screen you mean the desktop or the folder Home?

You have to make sure to be in the correct zorin menu.

I changed a setting in Zorin to modify the behaviour of the SUPER key (win key). So it'll show me an overview of the programs - as well as an overview of the active applications.

As you can see on the image, it is not possible to use Add to Desktop.

Appropriate menu (in my case), is clicking the first icon in the taskbar. Rightclicking an icon and selecting Add to Desktop.

Hopefully this helps.


Yes, I agree that the option isn't available in certain views. When I looked again on main menu the option was present (and it's great, so I don't have to create shortcuts to my games manually :grin:). By what I remember, on version 16.1 it was missing for some software (I don't know why).