How to reboot back into my windows after dual booting with linux

I'm no longer able to boot into my windows, i get this stuck screen (image from internet)

(the circle makes a couple loops then gets stuck)
i have no external drivers inserts or usbs.

i'm trying to access windows because my d-drive is set to read only and isn't currently modifiable by linux distribution. i need to get back into windows to fix that issue because apparently it's in hibernation mode.
here is a screenshot from my gparted.

the one highlighted used to be my d-drive that is set to read only.
any fix?

Are you stuck prior to the Grub Menu and unable to boot either Zorin or Windows?
Or are you stuck when it is loading Windows?

no i'm stuck when i choose to boot windows. Linux works fine.
this error occurs after i choose to boot in windows from the GRUB MENU.

Please boot into Zorin OS and open a terminal
Relay the output of

sudo efibootmgr


The Boot Manager is present in the EFI partition.
Three times even.
You may need to create a Bootable Windows Medium, then Live Boot to Windows to run Windows Repair.

i don't need windows on my disk c anymore, i just want to set the files in d read/write.

I will resort to that solution if others don't work.

You could try following the Boot Repair here:


sudo chmod ugo+wx /media/username/your_drive

or try reading here

how do i do that?

what does that command do? i'm kinda nervous about losing the date on that disk


sudo:- it will elevate your priviledges to execute the command.

chmod:- command to change the permissions

u:- user

g:- group

o:- other

r:- read

w:- write

x:- execute

/media/username/your_drive :- partition


You can also fix it by doing this

sudo apt-get install ntfs-config ntfs-3g

when installed, in the dash, type in and run: ntfs-config enter your password when prompted, and then you can enjoy read/write support for ntfs file systems.

it wasn't installed correctly?

It does not detect package ntfs-config. What about

sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g


Got 1 other solution to try, nothing got installed so far by your end.

gedit /etc/udisks2/mount_options.conf

and add the following lines.


save and reboot.

disk 2? should i change it to the directory of the disk?