How to reduce bootup time on iMacs and Macbooks running Linux

I have successfully installed Zorin and other distros on Mac hardware and they run flawlessly. However, the bootup time is quite long with the blank light grey screen showing for about 20-30 seconds before the distro starts booting.

Does anyone know how to reduce or eliminate this lag?

Please run systemd-analyze and upload the results here. After that run systemd-analyze blame and post the results here too.

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Here are the results
25.516s plymouth-quit-wait.service
22.042s fstrim.service
7.968s dev-sda3.device
2.872s man-db.service

all the rest are under 2 seconds

Do not disable these. They are not adding to the boot time, merely waiting through it.
Disabling can cause you to be unable to boot at all.

Found this solution after a bit more digging:

At Start Up (DGUNGGG...) Press Option to get to Boot Manager - Then Press CTRL and Click the disk that the Linux Installation is on - This appears to set it as the target disk - and away you go!! - I'm not fully sure what it does but It seems to Bless and make the chosen disk the Primary startup disk all in one hit.
I hope this helps someone else trying to do a similar thing - and it's probably worth trying anyway - as a CTRL Click is pretty easy to do!!
All the Best, Damo.


Glad to hear you solved the issue. Enjoy your new Linux distro :sunglasses:

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