How to reduce the scale of the Zorin OS Lite from 1X to 0.5X or 0.75X?

I think the edges of the programs, buttons and etc, take up a lot of space. This often takes up space on my monitor unnecessarily and I would like to decrease the scale, the entire interface. I have an HD monitor, I wanted to do that. Is there a way? Grateful for help.

Edit: It would be nice if I could open more windows in a larger space.

Screen scaling is located in Displays within your Settings manager location. The lowest it can be set to is 100%. If your monitor is 4K, then you should have more then enough screen realistate at that setting.

You can also install Ubuntu Tweaks and adjust font scaling percentage as well, but that isn't exactly what you asked for. But incase your still interested.

sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool

Then just navigate to the Fonts tab, and adjust scaling there.

I adjusted the scaling in the Gnome Tweak Tool, but it didn't work. Should I restart my computer? Even the settings of the Gnome Tweak Tool do not correspond to that of my Zorin OS, I am afraid that with it the customization of the system will suddenly become unconfigured ...

Gnome-Tweak-Tool is for Gnome Desktop Environment. Zorin Lite uses XFCE4 desktop Environment, so gnome tweak tool will have no effect.
In XFCE, go to settings from your app menu, then go to Appearance. A pop up window will open. Go to the fonts tab. There you will find DPI scaling.

You may also try changing your resolution from Display.