How to remove/disable 'battery is critically low' popup

I am using an older gaming laptop (Asus G751J) with Zorin OS. The battery is completely toast, so I use it plugged in at all times. Today, I started getting a popup every 30 seconds battery is low. Is there a way to disable this? Thank you.

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You could add
sbin/modprobe battery

It is a brutish way to do this. But will stop all battery management

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Thank you! I will make a note of that and see if I can figure out how to do it if needed in the future. For now, the message stayed up long enough that I could X out of it. Now the popup isn't happening anymore! Weird. I also just ordered a replacement battery to install. This big old laptop has a load of grunt and is worth saving.

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This also can be done with dconf-editor:

sudo apt install dconf-editor

Launch Dconf-Editor and then navigate to
Org ⇢ Gnome ⇢ Settings Daemon ⇢ Plugins ⇢ Power
Change the "Percent Low" to 0%


This is great. Thank you! I'll revisit this thread if the problem starts happening again. Good information for anyone trying to use a laptop with a dead battery

I've been reading a lot about dead batteries lately and if you should leave them in or take them out as they may continue to try charging the battery even if it is dead .... the consensus is about 50/50 to remove or leave the battery in .... for those of us lucky enough to have external removable battery's take them out .... if internal leave it in until you have your case split then leave it out if you can .....

My Asus is internal but still going strong .... my Acer is external and dead as a door nail and has been removed .... (I also got rid of that very annoying blinking orange charging light) ..... so I guess I'm 50/50 too ....

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This one is a bear to get at, but once the replacement shows up in a couple of days, I'm committed to the operation!

Opening a laptop for the first time can be daunting. It requires patience and finesse. Make sure to review several videos and how to documents on your models disassembly. Choose one video and one text walk-through as your guides and follow them as you perform the operation.

Ensure you don't pry on the keys of the keyboard, they will come off easily and possibly break the scissor apparatus that holds them in as well as keeps them raised.

A pair of long needle nose pliers (long in the nose, not the handle) can be a great asset to reattach small cable and ribbon connectors.

Remember that you are not a pro. Expect it to take a few hours to do it correctly.


Good advice. Thank you

Another tip: Use a small blob of bluetak (or similar) on the end of your cross head screwdriver to hold screws to the blade when reinserting them.
Falling screws in the innards of a PC can cause the pulse rate to increase and trigger a verse of expletives :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I have completed the operation. Thanks for the tips!

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Good points 337harvey .... another help I use is to take photos of everything before you disassemble .... ex gently lift the keyboard or cover up and take a photo of where all the cables go so when you put it back you won't have a problem remembering where they go .... pay attention on how the ribbon connectors attach to the ribbon cables .... some flip up and some pull out .... this is were a good video or written instructions (as 337harvey said above) come in real handy ....

Above all go slow and take your time and don't force anything if you have to force it you are doing it wrong ....

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