How to remove eject button for internal HDD

I have two drives in my system. One of them is a smaller SSD on which Zorin OS is installed and the other is a larger HDD that I would like to use for mass storage. Both are encrypted. I encrypted the ssd during install and encrpted the HDD using disks. My encrypted internal HDD keeps showing up as ejectable. Is there any way to mark it as an internal drive so I can get rid of the eject button for it? I have to set to decrypt and mount automatically at startup. Not sure if they are setup correctly, but it seems to be working fine with the only problem being that the OS things its and ejectable drive.

There are tons of reasons to have an "eject" button on an internal hard disk:

  • On laptops: to save power: if you have both an SSD and a HDD, you can turn off the (power hungry) HDD
  • On servers: to remove the drive while keeping the rest of the server running
  • On desktops: to power down a backup HDD prior to removing it ...
  • Only one primary drive can be created on some systems.
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So you are saying I should let the eject option stay? I am using a laptop, so how big would the benefits be by turning the HDD off?

As the OS is running on a SDD, the system only uses the HDD as a storage device. So, The eject option is present as you have a option of ejecting the HDD. In simple words it's presence won't effect Zorin OS and can be removed ( If Needed ):wink:

I am pretty new to using linux as a GUI OS, so I wanted to have it be as close to windows as possible. I managed to get the result I wanted by making a new directory for the hard drive in the root directory and setting the mount options as defaults. That got rid of the eject option and now I can also access it as if it were just a folder.

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Clever. I like this solution.

I would normally agree though with keeping the eject button. It may come in handy if you need to swiftly and easily eject the mounted drive in case of file corruption or other emergency.
You may need to ensure you have the unmount command handy in case you need to pop it into terminal in time of need.

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