"[How to] Remove Linux to reinstall"

As a newbie to Linux I had a few problems mostly of my doing! "Yep a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" despite the great help I received sometimes things are hard to grasp, I had a corrupt Zorin install and for the life of me could not work out how to remove Zorin and do a clean install, Sudo apt would not work, also no internet! so followed the instructions here and removed Zorin, and did a clean install and it works, now I also am aware those in the know will know all this, but it may help a new to Linux person? Remove Linux to reinstall

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So, you're removing Zorin; only Windows? :face_with_peeking_eye:

No duel booting on another machine, this one is windows only but all's well working fine!

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I would like to touch on this thought a bit.


I run a shop. In that shop are a lot of tools. You can see where this is going...
Some of those tools are... not just dangerous. Not even just lethal. On a local scale, you could think of some of this stuff as Weapons of Mass Destruction.

If you feel you cannot relate: You can.
Because you likely operate a motor vehicle.
Get that puppy up to highway speeds and tell me that you are not riding in a flammable gas and fluid filled high speed missile.
But how often do you think of it as a missile? heh... rarely?
You might if something gives you a scare. But on a different day, you could fall asleep at the wheel you are so relaxed. And that's just cars. Any of the minority here ride motorcycles?

Humans. We are funny things.

In operating motor vehicles, chainsaws and various other hazardous things, we must diligently remain acutely aware of Safety Precautions.
To not rush in or to assume things or to assume something risky will work without properly testing it or checking.
This is 100% just as true on computers; On Mac OS, on Windows OS and on GnuLinux OS's.
In my observations, it has no bearing to intellect or age, no matter how often I see people try to tie a link there. It has to do with our habits and how much we take for granted.

@Mikeart , you are a capable and intelligent person and I am glad to have your presence on the board.


Ah bless you, the fact I did manage to remove Zorin and reinstall it made me rather proud, more so as my son said "Dad I would not be able to do that" and he is about to complete his Zoology degree! just need to do the same on this computer, kind regards.


As this is in "Tutorials & Guides", maybe the title should be changed to "[How to] Remove Linux to reinstall".
The current title does not describe the advice offered.

Done, and if I can follow that video anyone can! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Figured you could get it!

Like most other things; the first time is usually the most nerve racking :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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"the first time is usually the most nerve racking"
Like most things in life? and thank you for your support it was a great help :wink:

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Exactly!! I'll admit, I've broken more of my own systems than I've repaired others :laughing: I'm well vested in the ways of break / fix lol

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That makes me feel better :wink:

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