How to remove rounded edges?

How can i remove rounded edges from top of the window?

I tried directly removing every border-radius in css of currently selected theme, but no success.
Maybe someone has an idea?

Does this help or otherwise?:

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Sorry, i didn't specified that i am using Zorin OS 16.3 Lite.
Tried it before, tried different variations of it and that didn't change anything.

I found a solution of how to remove rounded corners in some windows:
You have to manually edit files:
located in /usr/share/themes/YOUR_THEME/xfwm4

Here you can download corners customized for ZorinGrey-Dark theme.

However this does not remove rounded edges for chrome, any ideas for that? i really don't want to change to gtk or other theme just for normal edges.

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The easiest solution would be to use NoCSD package:


If I am supposed to only install it, it doesn't work

It works. But you need to use the titlebars to see it.

In Chrome browser, right click an open area of the toolbar and select "Use system titlebars" or "Use system title bar and borders"

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Isn't the difference that zorin lite uses xfce and ubuntu uses gnome?

Instead of modding the css, you may have to alter the images used for the corner borders of the windows, or save new corner images with the same name (may only be one or two files [bottom and top]).

Yeah thought of that, but I couldn't find any information on location of gtk that is utilised by chrome, any ideas where it might be?

Oh, yes it does, but it creates that second titlebar, which is far more annoying than rounded edges.

My usual "fix" for that is to create a custom gtk.css in ~/.config/gtk-.0 that specifies:

  headerbar .title, .titlebar:not(headerbar) .title, headerbar .title:backdrop, .titlebar:not(headerbar) .title:backdrop, headerbar .subtitle, .titlebar:not(headerbar) .subtitle, headerbar .subtitle:backdrop, .titlebar:not(headerbar) .subtitle:backdrop {
    color: #000;

You can use Gpick to determine the background color of your theme in use of the titlebar. Then set the color: #000 above to that hex or rgba color.

What this will do is match the title and subtitle to blend in with the background.
It will not remove the applications built-in titlebar, however. You can test other parameters like reducing its padding or margins.

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Yeah, it feels like too much of a hack, might come handy for someone though.
Nevertheless, thanks for help!

It is interesting how trying to do one custom action can cascade into a myriad of means to accomplish one thing.
It's like, "you had one job."

It goes to show the exact reason why being customizable and configurable is very important to GnuLinux users.
XFCE is one of the most open and customizable desktops out there. And we can still run into troubles.
Whether we accomplish what we set out to do or not; it brings a strong lesson in taking our systems and development for granted.