How To Remove Taskbar Icon For Show Desktop

Simple question.. and I'm hoping the solution is not being overlooked by me. :grin:

There is in the taskbar of Zorin 16 an icon for show desktop and I cannot remove it; right clicking it just invokes it same as left clicking it. I have looked in panel settings/taskbar settings/settings/Zorin Appearance, etc... how do I remove that as I have no use for it.

Thank you..

  • JayBash

Which edition of Zorin OS are you using? Lite/Pro Lite or Core/Pro? Please go to the profile settings where there is an option to indicate this.

In Core/Pro(non-lite) you can hide it by right clicking on the taskbar then clicking "Taksbar settings"

Under Position you can disable the show desktop icon by clicking on "visible"

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Thank you for responding.

It's the pro version. I named it wrong; it's the "activities" button, and yes it goes away as you say in that utility, and yes I feel silly not discovering that. Sorry to waste the time and space in here. :zipper_mouth_face:

  • JayBash

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