How to remove unwanted language packs from update panel

This shows the software updater panel that wants to install a fistful of language packs I don't want. It says "install or remove", but I can't figure how to remove them from the list and stop them cluttering the security update panel. Or does Zorin actually require these packs? Can anyone advise me? Thanks, Thor


I noticed this as well. Language packages I don't use. I just dis-select them in the updater app.

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You can also use Synaptic to rid of it so you stop getting alerts.
If you do not have Synaptic:

sudo apt install synaptic

Open Synaptic, enter your pw, then from the Search button on the upper toolbar, search for firefox language.
Select any language packs you do not want and select "remove Completely."
Then click the Apply button on the upper toolbar. Be sure to keep YOUR language pack installed.

You should no longer get Update Alerts for those languages.

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I always use Bleachbit (run as root) to remove (but not complete suppression) unwanted language packs. It also blocks update of those language packs in future.


Thanks for your answers, guys. I've followed your instructions, Aravisian, and removed those that kept popping up. It's great to have such a support group while the Zorin OS is so new to me. Thanks again, Thor