How to remove windows (on/dev/sda3)

Did you expect to have more than 1 version or copy of Windows on your machine on different drives?

Is it your intention to retain Windows 7 as dual-boot alongside ZorinOS?

It would probably be a good idea to run Gparted and get a visual check of what you have on sda2 and sda3 first before you go deleting content from sda3 or formatting sda3.


some more details please..
Did you try anything?
Like How to uninstall Windows from a Dual Boot system? - Ask Ubuntu

u can use grub customizer to remove a menu entry from grub
use sudo apt-get install grub-customizer command to install it

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i have windows 7 installed , in sda2
idk why there is windows sda3
and when i open it it shows no boot drive or smthing like that , i just want to remove that option from the boot screen

i will try......

check with gparted that there is no windows on sda3

if that is not the case you can just remove the grub entry as @nfratom described

I do not recommend using Grub Customizer.

It makes decisions for the user, sets configurations in obscure locations and can be very difficult to untangle.

Instead, use efibootmgr as I outline in This Post:

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