How to remove write protection of hdd

I have two HDDs inside one SSD and one HDD. I installed windows 10 on ssd using the delete whole SSD and partition automatically. Another hdd is my backup. Now I have installed zorin os and cant copy past from ssd to hdd or hdd to ssd.

I see only ext4 / partition and it is read-only(ro) but not see my backup drive which is NTFS. I am not an expert only a beginner. Please suggest me to remove or turn off the read-only mode permanently. Is there any software out there?

Gday @coderhasib ,
This can be achieved here's one way:

I found the solution like this
#remove read-only mode
Identify the device name of your NTFS drive using the 'lsblk'
Unmount the hdd first using this command 'sudo umount /dev/sdb1'
Fix the NTFS hdd using this command 'sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdb1'
Remount again 'sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/ntfs'

Thanks all.

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