How to repair a panel?

Any advice how to repair that taskbar panel?
I have all on left side.

You need to go into Zorin Settings --> Interface ---> Taskbar settings. That is out of my memory, so it may be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just going to apperance and then choice one from gui this all coming back to default.

but i wondering why the icons are double?
It was double separator

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it's all about panel preferences=>item=>up and down arrows. u can arrange , u can add and delete. if u have any bugs in duplicating items in panel, u do restarting to panel by ctr+alt+esc and click on the target(panel or desktop or any apps )


I always think the way a panel has to be edited in xfce needs to be updated. It can be very frustrating for anyone migrating to a lighter desktop. Can't remember how LXQt does it.

I wondering after news updated Zorin also back to default settings? That's why something could not working?