How to repair hdd in zorin os?

My hdd status

is there any way to repair it?

I would suggest to backup all the important things you have in there immediately, before it crashes completely... All drives have a certain useful life so it's best to be prepared for that (talking from experience).

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Buy a new one.

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This depends on several things. Is the drive configured with mbr or gpt? Have you tried adding an fstab entry including the ntfs-3g driver? How old is this drive (they do have a viable lifespan and depending on the drive type [hdd, ssd, nvme] may have read/write limitations)?

Smart tests are pretty reliable. There is definitely something wrong, but before jumping to conclusions, you should run the tests in terminal in order to get the info of what is wrong. It is most likely in the logs, but I'm not sure if their location.

If it's a heat issue, check that all fans are operating and the computer isn't placed on fabrics or rugs. Also check that all vents are clean, possibly removing the housing so as to ensure no dust or debris are lodged within, restricting air flow.

If it's a physical issue (read/write heads, platter damage [unreadable areas of the disk]) you will have to replace the drive. Reaching the maximum read/write amounts will require this also.

I agree with harvey. If it is a HDD then the manufacturer (e.g. Seagate) usually provides test and diagnostic software which can be run from a bootable USB. I suggest you explore disk testing/diagnostics available to you to confirm true status of the disk before discarding it.

You may be able to repair and use the drive to last a little longer, but may then throw more errors. Treat that as a warning that the disk is reaching end-of-life as regards reliable data store and replacement is the only option.

When a cluster goes down in a Mechanical systemdisk you'll probably have a lot of other 'damaged' clusters. Fysically HDD gray out after a while of use. Should it be a disk that ran a Microsoft product before (before you went on Zorin I mean) you bet for sure you'll have a 'disk damage'. No other healthy way than replacing the disk, and you'll get rewarded at the same time: an SSD is not so a highly cost anymore. AliExpress sells great stuff at low prices now. E.g. my x-mass present were 2 SSD's of 500Gb each. I payed for both no more than 52€ shipping included (15 day fast speed service --- Germany ). So even I replace my disks when they are not really broken down. RAM is the same issue --- buy in time a fresh load of RAM and upgrade if you need to. HDD are over and out in todays standards. If you need help for a link or so I'll help you on the way.

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