How To Repair Zorin OS Without Losing Data

As Per @Michel say now I want to Re-install /Repair Zorinos. BUT i don't want to Losing my data.

Is anybody Available To Help Me??

While reinstalling select Something Else option. Then leave your Home partition untouched (ensure box next to it is unchecked to prevent formatting). Once installation is complete your Home should be accessible - backup that data immediately.

PS - do not start tagging people as you did in your second post. It may be frowned upon by the moderators. Be patient and people will respond.

Ok Bro

Still iso is downloading so after download and makes pendrive bootable I will connect again

I strongly recommend you verify the checksum once the download is complete.

Now what I have to choose

@carmar what's next?

Your a funny person. You installed ubuntu 21.10 + Zorin OS 16 on your machine and yet you still ask on the installation menu what you need to do.


I don't want to take risk at All

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I know why people here put many question. They are thinking we are searching engine "google" - please first use a taskbar and check if question was before also with older forum Zorin. Just kidding without questions that forum could be died?

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I thought carmar explain it quite clearly what to do.
The important thing is for /home partition uncheck the tickbox that says "Format".
His /home partition should then remain intact.

I wish people would take time and read instructions. We cannot always spend lots of time here doing interactive step-by-step posts.


@Dixit The real "Solution" is post #3 by carmar. I simply repeated what he said there.

Please get into a habit to backup your /home partition regularly. That way your personal files and data should be protected from disasters.

3 Likes do i uhm...get to post 3...i don't understand.


I could say see the link in post #8, but that just prolongs the pain. :smiley:
I think that is enough jocularity for one thread. Let's just sneak off quietly and deal with some others.

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Then try reading this, as it is clear from the responses nobody is going to sit here and give you blow by blow directions. Google is your friend, along with taking 5 minutes of reading.


Discord have also channel forum support Zorin.