How to replicate top bar with clock for both monitors?

I use two monitors, and I would like the top bar to appear on both monitors. And I still haven't found this option in Zorin Os 16.2 Pro. How can I do this?

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When you plug other monitors to your pc you see the whole pc screen content, including that bar, don't you see it on external monitors at all?

Right-click the taskbar > Taskbar Settings > Position tab > Display panels on all monitors

You could even, if you wanted, set it up so your 'top bar' is on the left for your left-hand monitor and on the right for your right-hand monitor. Or at the top of one monitor and the bottom of the other (if you've got stacked monitors, for example).

Isn't the easiest solution just to right-click on second monitor and add panel or drag a new one across and then add the items to the new panel? (Can't test as no longer have two monitors on my desk - Amiga 1500 is on my right now!)

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