How to request improvements to ZORIN 16

I am along-retired software (middleware) developer with just a little long ago use of UNIX as a teminal interface to GE Timesharing system. I installed ZORIN 16 recently and like it, but observed pretty quickly that a Windows or Apple user would encounter serious roadblocks to using LINUX, even with the very nice ZORIN 16 interface. I would like to let the ZORIN 16 developers know of my experiences so I searched this forum to find out how to do so, without success.

The first problem I encountered was in installing ZORIN 16. My desktop has an SSD drive and a hard drive. I moved Windows 10 off the SSD, and wanted to install ZORIN 16 on the SSD. 'Live' ZORIN 16 allowed me to see the disks and partitions, and a nicer interface would have allowed bring that interface up and click on the partition I wanted to use for the install.

Next problem I encountered was a need to mount a Windows partition. Again a nice, simple GUI 'mount' interface would been easy, whereas the 'command' mount would have been beyond many W/A users' comprehension.

These problems are certainly no show stoppers for me, and I will wean myself from W10 Pro. I personally doubt it is possible to wean oneself from LINUX, there is just too much good stuff inherent in the overall design of the OPSYS!


Nice post!

When it comes to Linux, I do find that the terminal is used a little too much for my liking. And like you, I do prefer more GUI based tools. Since Linux improves at a snails pace, we are getting more GUI tools, just takes a long time.

I see Linux improving faster, is more tripple AAA developers get onboard with Linux and starts taking it seriously, and starts writing some badarse code, to give us much more GUI tools and software.

But you wanna know what some of my favorites are? Gparted for disk management, is bar none the best that there is on Linux! Gimp is the best for photo editing, Kdenlive is the best for video editing. Blender is the best for 3D modeling. Synaptic Package Manager is your best well, PM. Stacer is my favorite system resource monitor and manager.

Ohhhhh, and soon, I'd like to try out RescueZilla, it appears to be a truly awesome GUI based hard drive cloning and backup/restore software. So ya, lots of good GUI tools available right now, just we need some more.

Good feedback!

Jut keep in mind that the terminal can do whatever you tell it to do. A GUI can only perform within its limitations; whatever meager few commands it contains.
The terminal is the portal to control over the OS and system. Microsoft successfully convinced its users to relinquish that control; conditioned them to avoid the Command Prompt...
Now MS users say they lack control and are unhappy.

When you give up control, request it to happen, even... You do not deserve sympathy for feeling out of control.

I do recognize where you're coming from. I to was a long time windows user, swore by it, even learned how to administer it. But some of what you say is bothering me... not in a bad way.

Mounting your windows partition isn't as difficult as you say. If you go into your file explorer and click other places it will be listed. If you double click it and it's not mounted, it will be by the system. The eject button sits next to it constantly in case you want to unmount it. I found these controls invaluable until i learned and got used to the terminal. It was no more difficult than ejecting a usb in windows (for those that performed such actions).

I agree that the live interface and especially the installer could use a little more instruction, but they do allow for you to click the partition you want to install (something else method) as well as whether you want to mount them on boot (no choice for root... has to be) and where. It does take some getting used to, but the options you wanted were there, you had to search for them.

That's the only place i think zorin has yet to improve. The tutorial on first boot to take a tour is a step in the right direction, but by no means the end answer.

A more descriptive installation interface and a few tips in a getting started document on the desktop would be helpful, especially in the live image.

I'm glad i started this journey, am upset that i waited this long to do it.

I'm glad you found a home with zorin and choose to be a part of our community. Thank you for your feedback. We hope to see you here often, maybe helping others with their journey into Linux.

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