How to reset panel and taskbar?

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience, I know it's something simple but how do I reset the panel and the taskbar that was at the bottom ?

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Your profile says you are on Zorin OS Lite.
You can refresh the panel with
alt+F2 and entering in xfce4-panel --restart

If you are looking to restore the panel to System Defaults (As it was when you first installed Zorin OS), you can remove all its configuration files:

rm -rf ~/.config/xfce4/panel

Log out - then in; Panel will be at System Default state.

After I switch layouts, I have to set the height and opacity after going back to a previous one.

You are talking about the size, icons / favorites, time / date placement, etc. correct? That should 'reset' after selecting a different layout; just change to Gnome, then back to whatever you were using and it should go back to how it was before selecting any; and vice versa.

I was looking for a 'reset' button myself in taskbar settings but, there isn't one - that I'm aware of.. But, changing layouts and selecting what you were using before should 'reset' it.

To change system layout go on Zorin Appearance. To change taskbar position right-click the taskbar > Taskbar Settings > Position > click Below.

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