How to reset the wifi driver in zorin os 16

I somehow messed up with my driver, I wanna go back to previous default version that came up with it when I installed it.

I am sorry Praveen but can you show the result of
>sudo lshw -c network

It may be a matter of blacklisting the driver you installed and modprobing the kernel driver.

EDIT: Pulled from other thread:
product: RTL8821AE 802.11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter

I am guessing Praveen didn't do a Timeshift backup.

Wouldn't just booting up the computer from the GRUB menu, and choosing to boot previous kernel version, shouldn't that wipe out what he did before? Then he could simply update the kernel from a OS update later.

Thats what I used to do when I had trouble with a Nvidia driver version that caused a black screen.

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