How to resize desktop icons/folders

Hi all, how can I resize smaller the desktop icons/folders on my new and much appreciated Zorin Pro installation?, thankyou.

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Have you tried right-click a desktop icon. You should see a menu appear including item to change icon size.

In Z16 sizes are preset values, unlike Z15 where variable by dragging a corner.
I found "Tiny" to be the only desktop icon size I found agreeable, when I tried Z16 on my laptop.

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Thankyou, Sadly I do not get that menu appear at all on right click, I have Zorin 16 if that makes a difference

I was referring to Z16. In my case was Core not Pro, but should be the same.
Hopefully another user will confirm my right-click proposal, as I do not have Z16 running.
The question then will be - Why do you not see the right-click menu.

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I understand now apologies, I dont have the right click icon and see change icon size. looked in settings and find nothing also, like you I believe the tiny size would be best for me, the huge icons as is annoy me but it's not the end all. I appreciate the welcome and reply.

@FrenchPress @Aravisian any ideas?

EDIT: @fatninja As you have purchased Z16 Pro, you are also entitled to support from the ZorinOS devs. But I think forum members will be able to help you quicker than Zorin Bros at this busy time for them.

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If I understand correctly, you can do it in:
Zorin Appearance -> Desktop ->Icon size.
I have a 27 inch monitor and "small" is a perfect size for me.


Thankyou, that was exactly correct, issue solved. much appreciated all. :+1:


Nice to hear that your problem is solved :slight_smile:

Please mark the thread as solved :ballot_box_with_check:
so that the future visitor of this forum can find the solution easily.

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