How to resize sceens so they can be read

The screens for terminal and preferences as you will see in the image need to be changes as they cannot be read. I have tried but so far no go.

I have change fonts but nothing has changed

Any help please. Not sure screen shots to show you
The preference panel cannot be moved up to see below the word 'cursor'

Terminal cannot show text past the right side, even if I use select all.

I see you're running it in VB. Go to VBs tab and change the resolution.

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Thank you Storm. I tried all I could see but to no avail. The white terminal preference panel will not move up , so I cannot click any Save or Apply button which i imagi9ne is there.
If I use the Zoom the whole thin zooms in/out not just the text inside the terminal.
This is i can't see the end of the text line of what file the error is in.

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Have you installed Guest Additions yet? Once you add it, VB will dynamically resize everything to fit the window. I had a similar issue installing Zorin and PopOS on VB. Once you install and enable Guest Additions, then change the window size under "View" in the main VB window. Everything should resize properly then.

YT video link to get guest additions working in VB: How Install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Ubuntu 22.04 Guest / virtual machine - YouTube

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I don't use VB anymore but Virt Manager. Open the terminal then instead of selecting preferences from the burger bars, right-click and then select 'Preferences' from the context menu:

Then change font and font size as in the example shown. Clearly Gnome is becoming like M$ - building in extra steps when previously the simple menu bar is all that was needed, and not removed!

Cf. xfce Terminal in Devuan:

Hack Bold is a nice font for the terminal. Whenever I do video tutorials I use white background and black font and font 18 to help those with low residual vision.

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Thank you guys for your help, going out of your way and patience. I must be driving you all nutty !

Problem was however , I was trying to change the actual programs screens, not the the primary Display screen of the Zorin inside VB.

Once I did this the screen changed and I am fine. Thank you, the trials of a newby :slight_smile:

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Yup been there and done that ...... and still doing that ..... :grinning:

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