How to save edits in terminal?

I have read the suggestions and tried all of them yet none are working. I am trying to turn off Zorin asking for my password every time I try to do is really tiresome entering it 50 times. I am running 16.1 on my IBM T60 laptop I restored and it runs great...except for the password requests. I type in the suggested edits and then tried the suggested F2 and or F3 and also have tried Control x and Control o but, every time I reopen terminal later, the original line I edited is still showing and not my edited line. Can anyone tell me how to do this please? All control x and control o seem to do is remove the curser from the screen...that's all. Thank you.

PS I used the following to edit in terminal after entering sudo visudo and then my password.: * Then, search for %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL and replace the line by %admin ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL. Used shortcut key [CTRL] + [o] and press Enter to save all changes. Next, use shortcut key [CTRL] + [x] to close the file.

You should not use ctrl+o... instead, use
ctrl+x to exit, then it will ask to save the modified content before exiting. Tap the y key to say yes. Then it will ask whether to save it as the Current Configuration. Tap the enter key to save as current configuration. The terminal will then exit the editor with the changes saved.

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Thank you for your reply. I tried the control x a few times before and got the Y/N which stayed unchanged no matter how many times I hit "y" key. It never asked my about the current configuration and when I exited, of course my edits were gone. One of my attempts using the f keys it did ask me to name the temporary file I wanted to save but that was not helpful. I am sure it is me doing something wrong as this is my 1st linux experience even though I have been playing with computers since 1982. I will very carefully try it again exactly the way you describe (I do not believe I tried hitting the "enter" key after) and see what happens. Again, I do appreciate your reply.

Well, hitting the enter key after the "Y" key worked. It saved my edit and exited and I went back and the change is still there so, thank you. I am still getting password requests though...I wonder why this edit did not work? Every time I want to remove software I will never use, it asks me to enter the pw. So, the how to save my edits part is solved, now I have to figure out how to stop all these password requests.

Yes, I have had this happen too after I tried the ctrl+o thing. Sometimes, it stays that way and you need to exit out of it before you see the standard prompts at the bottom... It has been a while so I cannot clearly remember what I did to get out of that ctrl+o thing...

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