How to save the alsamixer

hello everyone , i am new to linux and i have at my work an old lenovo pc ,which have builtin speakers which was working in windows but not until have to install it own driver as windows not recognize it ,anyway i tried linux and i tried many distros but zorin is really the best choice as everything is working great but this soundcard was not working as no driver for it ,after search i tried sudo alsamixer ,and i found a tab with headphone was zero so i leveled it up and now the sound is working great but i can not save it as if i restart the pc i have to start the sudo alsamixer again ,is there a way to save this setting that my sound stay leveled up,thank you all for reading this and hope to find the answer or fix for this problem

Try with:

sudo alsactl store

If it doesn't work try

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Thank you sir , it worked like charm :slight_smile:

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