How to scan a document from printer

hey guys so a while back i got zorin os lite (version 16.3), and i did set up everything and managed to install drivers and stuff for my canon pixma TR4540, but i wanted to scan the docs from the printer to my laptop with the flatbed, but simple scan says no scanner detected even though it is connected to it via usb, so i am asking if theres any other third party software i can use to scan docs?

This is how this user solved this issue:

It may help you, too.

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If you are looking for a more 'professional' (not the best word I could think of) interface for your scanner, then take a look at VueScan.
You can trial a demo, which leaves a watermark. I purchased the Pro version.

I can vouch for VueScan. I used it back when I had Windows. It works great on Zorin OS 17. And VueScan has been around a long time.

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