How to scan with hp deskjet 2700 series (2721e)

Hello. I need some support. I have this hp deskjet 2700 series (2721e). I installed the dependencies as you suggested but when following the instructions on hp's website I get this error

I hope you can help me, I am using zorin 15.3 pro

edit: I went to the printer settings and could make it work, I can print. but how do I scan?

For scanning you'll need the plugin. The following worked for me.

Install Plugin for Scanner Use

hp-plugin -i Follow prompts to install plugin


I did nothing for the printing. the out of the box drivers are working fine.
so about the scanning, how do I use it after I install the plugin? is there any app for it?

Open Document Scanner and add your scanner there.

is it the "simple scan" app?

I think so. It is a rebranding by Gnome.

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Since you were necromancing :skull: half year old thread, I created a new one for you.

Wait, isn't HPLIP toolbox the correct app for scanning/printing?

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You may be right.
I no longer use HPLIP since I converted my HP printer to the network printer and run it with CUPS.

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There is a good reason why people don't print as much anymore.

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It attracts cute cats.


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