How to search for an application to install

You know it's out there... somewhere. You've exhausted Google with your searching, you've pleaded on forums, you've asked the kid down the block... but you just can't find that one application you're looking for.

sudo apt search {keyword}

So for instance, say I was searching for a Services Manager much like Windows has... services for Zorin OS are under systemd, so it would be:

sudo apt search systemd

So for instance, say I was searching for a ZFS file system snapshot management program.

sudo apt search zfs

That shows that sanoid, zsnapd and zfsnap are available.

Say you wanted to install a tank battle game for your sprog:

sudo apt search tank


systemd is one reason why I no longer use Zorin or any distro with it present, which is why I use Devuan as my daily go to since December 2021 which I used to do all the work at home that the workplace required Windows.

There is a simpler solution to search for Applications. The distributions that are savvy have Synaptic Package Manager installed by default. You will notice in the left pane/column of Synaptic are Headings of groups of Software: All, Education, Games, Office, Science for example. So lets go to Games and do a search for tank in the search box and you should get some results. As I understand it ZFS is still deemed experimental. For me I will always play safe with Ext4 FS. I concur with a former Editor of Linux Format who bemoaned losing data as a result of using ReiserFS and stated "I should have listened to the Ext gods!"