How to set Colour Keyboard to Certain Colour?


I have a laptop with a colour keyboard, when powering on the keyboard cycles through a bunch of colours and defaults to a Deep Blue. If I switch it to another colour it will stay like that until the laptop is closed. Upon reopening the laptop the colour always returns to that Deep Blue. If I don’t restart and merely close the laptop powered on it won’t cycle through the variety of colours as it does powering on, however it’ll return to Deep Blue regardless of what it was set to prior.

I would prefer to have it stay on a different colour, how would I set this? I checked settings to no avail. The only thing available in Keyboard is short cuts…

Please let me know! Thanks!

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Is that determined by the chip on the keyboard?

I don’t know? I imagine the system somehow? Like is it normal that the keyboard as hardware can only default to one colour? I’m sorry, I’m not extremely versed in this area of tech. I just figured there must be a way to set a different default as you’d think if that were impossible they’d have it default to the last setting prior to shut down, no?

It’s a Laptop, not separate hardware if that helps?

The hardware often has its own system. An Arduino is a good example, or Rasberry Pi or a Nvidia Graphics card.
The Nvidia Graphics card has its own operating system and its own processor. Your system, whether Mac, Windows or Linux communicates with it - it does not govern it so much. It does not process for it.
Let’s go back in time to the Apollo Missions. We landed astronauts on the Moon and that required some computing. While computers were larger and less sophisticated than they are now, the Principles are the same. They used beads embedded in wires to form a Program. 1’s and 0’s- binary.

Today, we have shrunken things down and can fit more into less space. But the principle remains the same and often- simple hardware comes with simple programs, because the manufacturer would like to charge Much More for complexity.

If you open the case of your keyboard, you will find inside a small silicon wafer with electronics soldered all over it. Capacitors, resistors, a tiny processor and integrated circuits. A capacitor storing energy, a resistor changing the flow, a transistor switching on or off- a diode controlling current direction- and there you have a simple Physical Program written into how the components are arranged.
That is what makes hardware different from software. Both are Programs, one is hard coded (Determined by the physical structure and Rigid) and one is Software (Determined by commands and flexible or modifiable).
Another example would be modern Christmas tree lights that flash different colors of lights in a pattern. It’s not hooked up to a computer. You plug it into the wall and the hardware does what it does.

It is normal for a backlit keyboard to settle down to one default color. While the changing lights are interesting for a moment, once you start gaming or get to work, the constant changing of the lighting can get to be a distraction. So many backlit keyboards only do the color changing for a limited time, until restarted.

All of what I said is accurate and applies the majority of people. In your case, this difference- that it is part of the manufactured computer, not a separate piece MAY allow you some options. Maybe. If the manufacturer was kind enough to use the existing computer to program the keyboard with software instead of a chip board of its own. I wouldn’t wager that to be likely, but it is at least Possible. I would recommend the easiest way to check is to ask the Manufacturer with your Make and Model. It would be rare enough that was the case that it would have been mentioned as a Selling Point in the computer description, I would think.

Okay Fair Enough. I don’t need the changing from start up to be constant to be clear, that’s not what I want. I just mentioned it as I figured it’s perhaps somewhat relevant. I just want it to maintain a different colour than the Deep Blue when rebooted, rather than have to change it manually to the colour I want with several key clicks every time…

It’s an asus i imagine. Love the keyboard. It came preinstalled with windows 10 i believe. Windows has an app called armour crate, which alloted you to pick the aura and color. That’s where you have to set it. Linux doesn’t have a port of the app, so i hope you dial booted. Do your dimmer function keys work? I had to find an asci script in order to enable that. Anywho, changing it in windows will make your settings stick. What version of zorin are you on?


A person familiar with that specific model and product- thanks for coming to the rescue, 337Harvey.

I recently got the tuf a17…
Nice, but I’m enjoying the issues that it brings. Allowing me to learn though

Thanks for your help, appreciate it! Actually it’s an NL51RU from Clevo running AMD Processor and Graphics, I got it without Windows['cause I loathe Windows lol] and it’s 15.3? Dimming is fully functional… Do you think there’s any alternatives as I can’t switch to Windows as I got it without?

Or, if the software can be downloaded and installed- Would it run on WINE?

it may, i have not attempted to load it wine. trying to get my zorin to boot after driver mishap

i was thinking live usb, but you would have to reinstall the program every time you wanted to change the settings, maybe. Research how to include an app in live usb for permanancy

Thanks for the insight. Appreciate it.

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You can do this by creating a Zorin LiveCD on USB with Persistence.

for windows

i was referring to a windows live usb… I’m sorry i didn’t specify. in case it didn’t work on wine