How to set up Start up Applications


I'm somewhat newish to Linux in general, I am trying to set up my start up applications and can't seem to find the correct commands for the applications. I checked under usr/share/applications and it seems to not be working. I've tried looking this up, best I can find are youtube videos that tell me to get the command from usr/share/applications. Can anyone provide more information on this?

The location to add startup entries is in ~/config/autostart

You can create a desktop entry to create one. Follow this guide, first:


Thank you, working on this now!

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Yep, and don't forget, to access your startup applications menu, you do so by clicking on the Zorin :zorin: icon bottom of screen, type "STARTUP" then click on Startup Applications.

Yes, I know I have a lot on this system, but I got 32GB of RAM, so my machine isn't even fazed by this, although it may very well cause Aravisian to have a heart attack. lol



I also have 32g and plan on having a boatload of startup processes :joy: so no judgement from me!


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