How to setup default sound?

Hello. How do I set default sound output and input? It keep putting back to "default" that I am not using the sound when I'm booting the computer

This is an ongoing problem on Linux, and there is no clear solution to prevent it. What I do have for you however, is a working solution to allow you to keep changing it back after every reboot.

Please go to Gnome-Extensions website. Click install browser integration. Once that is done, click this link...

Click the toggle button on the right to install the extension. A popup will come up that asks you to confirm, by all means, please confirm.

Now that your extension is installed, it will be located at the right of your taskbar.

I have mine set to HDMI output because that is what I am using. I know this isn't a perfectly solution, but its enough to keep things going smoothly. For the record, this is what I have been doing for years now, works for me. Hope this helps!


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Yeah that will do. Thanks!

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