How to share Windows files with VMware player - free VMware player

In order to see Windows files in VMware Player (free not paid version - I am using the free player). I am not sure if this also works with the paid VMware station.

Install Zorin as usual in VMware player. Once one has a successful installation of Zorin, before powering on the virtual machine, go to settings and assign the folders from Windows one would like to share.

Once, Zorin is powered up, create an hgfs folder under the /mnt directory:

mkdir /mnt/hgfs

Make sure the folder is created under the /mnt directory. After checking, in terminal modify the fstab file by going to the etc directory and accessing fstab file to change it. I usually go to /etc in terminal and then:

sudo nano fstab

Once fstab file is open, go all the way down the file and add the following:

vmhgfs-fuse  /mnt/hgfs fuse defaults, allow_other 0 0 

It is also good practice to comment in why one is making an addition to a file, so later one can go back and be reminded of why that line was added.

Save and exit file. In terminal do:

sudo mount -a

Reboot or restart the VM machine (Zorin) again.

One should now be able to see one's Windows folders in Zorin. They will be located in the hgfs folder created before as a mount point.

Edit: one may have to change ownership of the hgfs folder to $USER before proceeding with the above tutorial.

Hope this helps someone...

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