How to show speed conection in taskbar

Hello, I want to ask how to display internet speed in the taskbar on zorin os 16? If in windows I used to use netspeedmonitor, is there anternative replacement application that can be installed in the zorin os?

I really need this application to monitor internet speed, because I use htspot from my android phone

the desktop has extensions :slight_smile:
you can add all sorts of things, the easiest way to do that is using "Extension Manager" from the software center

here's one extension I found which might fit:

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Users profile says he is using Lite (XFCE).
Extensions will not apply.

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i am use zorin 16 core

Ah, thanks for correcting you profile.

Finally, the problem is solved.
Screenshot from 2022-03-05 17-11-50

How can you do this? Can you please speak?