How to show speed conection in taskbar

Hello, I want to ask how to display internet speed in the taskbar on zorin os 16? If in windows I used to use netspeedmonitor, is there anternative replacement application that can be installed in the zorin os?

I really need this application to monitor internet speed, because I use htspot from my android phone

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the desktop has extensions :slight_smile:
you can add all sorts of things, the easiest way to do that is using "Extension Manager" from the software center

here's one extension I found which might fit:

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Users profile says he is using Lite (XFCE).
Extensions will not apply.

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i am use zorin 16 core

Ah, thanks for correcting you profile.

Finally, the problem is solved.
Screenshot from 2022-03-05 17-11-50

How can you do this? Can you please speak?

You can get Extension Manager from the Software Center to download Extensions

These Extensions allow you to further customize Zorin OS, including adding a Network Speed Meter