How to skip GRUB?

I want to skip the GRUB boot selection menu and boot straight into Zorin. I followed the guide here and that sort of works expect that now instead of GRUB a blackscreen with blue borders appears, and after waiting a few seconds, Zorin starts to boot. What is this screen and how can I skip it?

Change your grub timeout to 0 instead of ten. The black screen will only last a second or two. The hidden screen is what i believe causes this with the blue border, but I'm not sure. Do realize if you want to boot into another os you will either have to choose it in the bios or change the grub timeout once again.

Whatever your choice method of editing the grub file make sure to go into terminal and run

sudo update-grub

This will ensure the change is populated and used in next boot.


Yeah, I also figured out disabling the OS prober skips the menu. But the blue border is still there, which is kind of awkward. I really like the new booting sequence in Zorin 16. The OEM logo is present during the boot (just like windows) and the black and white colors make this border invisible as well. It certainly looks more professional.

A quick warning: setting to zero seconds and avoiding the grub menu can make it harder to access the Recovery Menu in times that you need to.

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I set it to 2 just in case I need to access that menu. Thanks for the heads up.