How to skip user select screen

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Hello I was a Windows user and now I learned well to use linux Gui as well as CUI (terminal) I am using it from month and I am happy and even I forgot windows.


I am the only user who uses PC I don't want to make multiple users but whenever I boot my desktop it shows user select screen in which it shows my name and one option that says not listed? but I always want to login with my account so why zorin os is asking in single account like let me talk about windows in windows if there is single user then it doesn't asks for which user to login it just shows lock screen and you can simply enter password. So how can I do it same in my Zorin OS 16 Core.


It is wise to avoid reducing the GRUB_TIMEOUT to zero, as doing so will make it very difficult to enter the Recovery Console if you need to do so.
Just covering that in case it comes up.

For the Login Screen at the Display Manager, there is always a Prompt to Login even if there is only one user. This is a Security setting.
There is a setting in Zorin OS for Autologin. And using it will log you in automatically instead of reaching the Login Screen.
However... it comes with even more annoyances than just logging in does. Like making you Authenticate every time you open Chrome, for example.
I encourage users to never use Autologin.

It's a very minor annoyance to throw in your login password at boot up, then get right to work.


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