How to solve err no 5 while installing Zorin Os Education(15.3)?

Error no 5 keeps coming to install Zorin OS Education.

I tried to install Zorin OS with different dvds and usb drives but every time error no 5 keeps coming while installing Zorin OS Eduvation verson.I downloaded 3 iso files of Zorin OS Education and tried to-install it but every time error no 5 came and installation failed.
How can I solve it?
Please help me.

From a quick check on Google, error no 5 is possible an error copying files to the hard drive or a faulty CD or USB drive.

Can you try on a different machine, try replacing the disk or using different USB stick to install?


You can also try using fsck as recommended here: but that may take a while to run.
In my opinion, jgordon’s recommendation is more efficient.

I tried with different USB drives but not with DVD. Should I try with DVD?

After I was tired trying to install Zorin I tried to install Ubuntu.
but in ubuntu, I got the same error. I installed ubuntu before and that time I got no error. So why I am getting error no 5 with different distros this time?

Sounds like your hard disk in the PC/laptop?

Can you try a different disk or laptop?