How to solve this problem, plz help me

laptop specification
laptop asus x505za
prosesor amd ryzen 5 2500 u
ssd sata 250gb
memory 8gb

You should check if there is a BIOS Update for your machine.

To resolve this issue, you may need only to disable TPM in your BIOS / EFI settings.

The cause of this error is a mismatch between what Microsoft reports as the expected memory mapping and what the kernel actually sees.

If you are not using Windows OS at all (as a dual boot with Zorin)- just disable TPM.


does this error really effect my linux , can it cause my linux to freeze, because here i often experience that

I would consider that to be unlikely and would consider the freezing issue a separate issue.
Freezing is most often related to RAM, Graphical or segfault issues. Your TPM error would affect boot, but is unlikely to affect the Loaded Desktop.