How to stop display of .thm photo files

I am using Zorin Lite. Whenever I download photos from my Kodak PixPro FZ45 camera, I get a JPEG image of each photo along with a duplicate THM image. I then have to delete each THM image. Is there a way to stop the THM images from importing or displaying? I have gone to the "View" tab and unchecked "Show Hidden Files," but this had no effect.

You can open that directory in a terminal and run

rm *.thm

to remove them all at once.
This is not a solution; but may be helpful.
The THM files are used by the camera as Thumbnail files and are smaller and lower res files.
I have not used a Kodak PixPro so my experience first hand with this issue is lacking. What method are you using to import? Does the camera itself have settings options?
Are you using an import tool?

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