How to switch Desktops when in an app in full-screen mode

When apps are in "window" mode, one can switch desktops by using keyboard shortcuts: ALT (to show the desktops), ALT+Left-Arrow, or ALT-Right-Arrow.

When I am in a full-screen app , such as AWS Workspace, these shortcuts do not work. They do if the same app is in Window mode.

Is there a way to switch desktops when the app is in full-screen mode?


Pablo Vivanco

Super + PgUp
Super + PgDn

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Or use Activities Overview.

@337harvey thank you for the info. It did not work for me. What @Topaz recommended works on window mode.

thank you @Topaz. It works on window mode, but not is full-screen mode. I'll open a case with AWS. It is them who are changing the shortcuts for Windows.

I'll post it here if they give me a solution.

I'm not familiar with AWS but if it behaves like a virtual machine it may be capturing the keyboard focus to trigger its own actions. If that's the case, there's not much you can do other than run it as a window. But if you find out please let me know as I sometimes run virtual machines on full screen mode and get confused when my keyboard "doesn't work" :smiley:

Great news everyone. Last week I upgraded to Zorin OS 17 Pro (I was on 16.3 Pro), and now without me having to do any reconfiguration, when I do ALT + Left Arrow or Right Arrow, I can switch desktops even when AWS Workspace is in full screen mode.


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