How to Switch from Windows to Linux Easily or Dangerously?

How to Switch from Windows to Linux Easily or Dangerously????

I Always face Problem.


Yeah, Everytime I change my Distro?

You need to explain your problem better.
Your post can be read too many different ways i.e.

  1. How to move from Windows to Linux
  2. How to switch from Windows to Linux in a dual-boot system.

Also, have you first searched the Forum for similar threads that match your question?


This One :smile:, I Also, want the switch to be convenient every time.

OK, Fastest way

Create a Bootable Drive From Balena Etcher

After that,

Use this link to wipe the entire disk from cmd (as you are using windows)

Start the Installation with a Totally Blank PC and Drive without any Bloatware.


Yeah I have the Same Problem, while switching in a notebook.
Never mind Post 5 Worked For me :blush:


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