How to switch from ZFS back to luks ex4

I got a wild hair and tried Zfs with my current install, been running now for 3-4 months and ya it runs perfectly but I'm tired of ClamTk taking all F***** day to scan my home folder. Explain that one...ClamTk before Zfs would scan files soo fast the folder line was a white blur but now I can keep up with my fingers. I have been researching how to do this now for a few days and I'm really not finding much about if its even possible. So here it is...

Can a person that installed Core 16.2 with ZFS partitioning, switch back to encrypted ex4? Without a reinstall? Thanks in advance!

Specs: AMD 1920X, Aorus X399, 64g Ddr4 3600, 3060 ti, Evo 970 1Tb nvme ssd, 128g SATA ssd.

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Yes. But for what you would go through doing it, you are better off with a fresh reinstallation.
A Fresh Reinstall offers minimal problems and troubleshooting, involves less "moving parts" and minimizes risk of corruption or data loss. It's less time consuming and less work, over-all. Because even if you migrate from ZFS to ext4 (enc), you would still have to reinstall a bunch of your already installed software anyway.

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Thanks! Shrug Was curious bout the sig but no biggie.

That's what I was afraid of. I'm not worried about the apps from the Software Center, that's easy. I'm sure you know its the other programs that you have to populate and build yourself like Pamusb, if that was available from the software center, I would have already reinstalled.

Update: I switched the priority of clamscan and clamtk to "Very High" priority in System Monitor and that kicked the speed up. I've been scanning a windows xp HDD for 12+ hours(256GB) and it has so far 650+ Threats...might be why the seek speed was in the single digits. windows hdd management= :face_vomiting:

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Yes and some of these are just a matter of adding the repo and then installing for which there is:

But some software is even trickier to install. Even so, reducing the list by using the above to only the trickiest of installs is better than fully reinstalling everything one by one.

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I understand the reasoning though...some people use it as "credit"...that's a big thing on any HotRod or Diesel Performance forum. There's always the one guy comes in with 6K in turbo-chargers alone, 30k race engine in his's intimidating and you get the "Go do ur homework!" guys. But you know who your talking to...when you get a response from somebody that's like "Quit microsoft cold turkey 10, 20 years ago". As a Linux user, they would already have more of my trust then a "Yearling". Pro's and con's till we blue in the face and give up. .02

Question: Do you know if clamtk has an issue with spaces in the file name? I saw somebody say that here:

I'm not really in the mood to track that one poster down so he could do something with his life and school somebody about why clamd and clamdscan are better and how he became a God after figureing it out....ugh figure you would know.

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I have no idea...

I might be meeting god tonight! :rofl: Should I shower? they didn't have them back then...

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Sorry OP for the derail..... :sweat_smile: :joy:

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