[HOW TO] Take 4K screenshots on 1080p or lower resolution display

Taking 1080p screenshots on a 1080p display isn't always ideal. When you crop your screenshots, you'll get a pixelated and blurry image which then makes you wish for a 4k display but 4k desktop monitors aren't very cheap and 4k laptop displays are extremely expensive and rare.

So, what can you do instead?
Use xrandr.

Enter the following command to turn your screen into 4k! What it does is it scales your screen according to the amount you set and then it also pans your display resolution accordingly.

First, run the command xrandr --current to list all the display modes and the name of your display. For example, it could be eDP or eDP-1 if you're on a laptop.
So after you get the name of the display, run the following command:

 xrandr --output eDP --scale 2x2 --panning 3840x2160

Here, I'm setting the display name eDP and scaling the 1080p display 2 times, so 1920×2=3840 and 1080×2=2160. So now that I've scaled the display 2x2, I can set the planning resolution so that my screen doesn't look zoomed in after scaling.

The panning resolution can be calculated by multiplying your current screen resolution with the scale you entered.

And that's it! You can now take 4k screenshots, even on a 768p display!

To revert to the original settings, enter the scale as 1x1 and set the panning resolution as your original screen resolution.


Will it impact my pc performance?

Yes, it'll make everything laggier if your GPU cannot handle it but don't worry since the changes are only temporary.

Ok, so for my weak pc i wont use that.
But for the other one, this is a very useful tutorial-you got a like from me

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and... if I have to use the screen without any scale, to see all the things but in 4k?

Scaling resets the panning, so you'll see everything in 4k. If you don't scale, you'll see everything zoomed in.