How to tell if spam emails are being sent from my computer

Every few months my account gets flooded with delivery failures due to a flood of spam emails from my email address. Privateemail uses DKIM keys so I would think its not just a simple matter of spoofing my email. The outgoing emails are all on privateemail servers. I just want to eliminate my computer being the culprit. I use Thunderbird email and am on Zorin Core with Gnome, and everything is up to date. Is there somewhere I could look for any possible trails if something is actually sending the emails from my computer? Thanks!

You can use rkhunter to check for any rootkits:

sudo apt install rkhunter


sudo rkhunter --propupd


sudo rkhunter --checkall

DKIM can help prevent spoofing, but it is not a Proof against it. An adept Spammer can workaround DKIM even if the average spammer cannot.

You could install spamassassin and apply it to Thunderbird:

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Maybe check your Thunderbird Add-ons/Extensions for anything unexpected in there.

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