How to to direct download to a certain path in the terminal and software app?

So i'm very new to zorin os

so everytime i try to download either from the terminal or the software app it downloads to my 120gb ssd without asking and i want to download to my 1tb hdd

any help? thank you

Are you referring to Installing Software?
Installations default either to Root or to Home.

But is there a way to change the default path?

If you install from .deb files (these are what the repository supplies) the paths to the installed files is specified within the .deb package itself. You can't change these locations. They are standard locations within the OS.

On the other hand, if you download a file with your web browser, the location for the download can be changed:

In Firefox: Settings > General > Files and Applications > Downloads

oh, i think i understand now

thank you so much

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