How to try Z16.0 Dell Laptop Main boot Ubuntu 20.04,

I want to try Zorin 16 Core 64 Bit on my Dell I-3,8MB,Laptop with Ubuntu 20.04 using a USB stick before adding it to my hard Drive. I don't understand the procedure. Do I put the installer and ISO image on the stick? I tried Ubuntu 12.04 from a disc before installing on HD. Bootable WIN 7Pro on HD rarely used.

To make a LiveUSB of the distro you would like to test, Download the .iso file and verify its checksum.
There are many etcher programs available - I prefer Unetbootin or Ventoy... Popsicle is also good. There is Multiboot and on Windows; Rufus is offered.

Use the Etcher software to burn the .iso file as a bootable medium. Etchers have Prompts you can follow when you use it. You do not need to move the .iso file onto the USB you are burning the bootable copy onto - the etcher extracts it for you.

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