How to turn off both Airplane mode & Bluetooth?

When I turn off Bluetooth, Airplane mode gets turned on, but when I turn off Airplane mode, Bluetooth gets back on.

Is there a way to turn and keep both off?

This may help, not sure.

This solution is for HP devices, but will this work on a Dell XPS 15 device?

It may be restoring state, an option in battery settings, tlp and possibly the Bluetooth settings. Try disabling Bluetooth, give it a moment to completely shut it down (there is a service, bluman, that has to be disabled when you shut off the hardware) then enable airplane mode.

How exactly will that help turn off both Bluetooth and Airplane mode at the same time?

By disabling Bluetooth first, airplane mode will remember the state and leave it off when you disable airplane mode.

Since airplane mode disables all wireless traffic, I'm confused as to why you are worried about what comes in after airplane mode is disabled?

Because I'm trying to keep my taskbar to have only the battery, volume level, clock time & date and network status on display.

When I boot into Zorin OS the Airplane mode icon is always visible, how do I remove it from the taskbar?

Right click the taskbar close to the system notifications, choose customize, i think there is a cog next to the system notifications tray and you can uncheck the icons/features you don't want visible (it's been a while since i was on gnome or xfce).

I tried right clicking the taskbar but I can't see the customize option anywhere?

There was a poster in that thread who had a different brand and it worked for them.

Properties? I know there is a taskbar tab in settings, you may be able to modify the system tray area there.

Please send me a link to that post/thread.

Can I also have the network status such as the Wifi connection icon displayed on my taskbar?

This should be done by default. Any services in use (airplane mode, bluetooth, wifi, battery, sound, clipboard, and usb) are usually shown by the system without any configuration. Anything not in use will be hidden and an arrow offered for those icons.

Did you have any issues installing Zorin? Are there other issues that you are running into? Where did you get the Zorin image? Did you check the hash after downloading it so you know it was unmodified?

I got the latest disk image for Zorin 16.2 from the official Zorin site, I flashed it via Balena Etcher on a Sandisk USB stick.

Another thing is whenever I turn off Airplane mode to use Wifi or Ethernet - Bluetooth automatically turns on too, how can I use Wifi without having Bluetooth turning itself on?

But does this really help on a Dell XPS 15 Device rather than a HP one?

Or should I just simply give it a try regardless?

You could give it a try, but don't know whether it would work or not.

I'm looking for a way to turn off both airplane mode and bluetooth while I'm using wifi - without having to reboot and restart my computer...