How to uncouple speakers from the headphones on my laptop

Hi all,

I have the problem, that when I plug in a headphone jack, while sound does start on the headphones it still continues through the laptop speakers. When I check in the sound settings, it only shows one output device.
When I connect my headphones via Bluetooth, the sound switches automatically to the new output device.

I am still new to this OS so apologies if this a stupid question.


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I had this issue once, then I realized that I plugged my headphones to the microphone jack, because headphones and microphone jacks are close to each other, so check if you plugged to the wrong jack.

I think that's unlikely as the user mentions sound output from both speaker and headphone.

Don't be, and that's a perfectly reasonable question.
You can try enabling auto-mute from alsamixer
in terminal


right arrow to move to auto-mute-->up/down arrow to enable/disable it

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@jHuhn If that does not work. Whilst you have alsamixer displayed, take a screenshot and post here. It may give us more clues.


thanks for all the answers.

I have played around with the alsamixer and tried out all the setting that I could find online.

Here is the screenshot.

Ohh and there is only one audio jack on the laptop. So I don't think that is the problem. (I did build a PC before and wondered why the screen was not working only to realise after two hours of troubleshooting that I plugged it in the motherboard and not the GPU xD)

Thats fine. So you have tried Automute enable/disable options to no effect.
If you hit F5 to list all soundcards. Is any other soundcard listed?

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