How to uninstall Skype

Hello. How do I uninstall Skype and other programs (e.g. Brave Browser, Google Chrome, etc) from Zorin? I tried to uninstall Skype via Terminal prompt (sudo apt-get --purge remove Skype) but it only says can't find it. I also spelled it as skype (small caps) still the same result.

There's a good chance that those programs that it says it can't find are actually installed as Flatpak, another package format. Run flatpak list to see all the software installed as such, and use the command flatpak uninstall <package_name> to uninstall.

Make sure you use the fully qualified domain name that appears under Application ID column. For Skype, it looks like that's "".

Or it could be a Snap package too.

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If apt:
sudo apt purge skype && sudo apt autoremove

If snap:
sudo snap remove skype

If flatpak:
sudo flatpak remove skype

Could be either three - I think mine was in Snap form from install..

Navigate to Settings, Applications, scroll down to Skype, click 'Open in Software' at the top - then click the red 'Remove' button - done!

The last one, in Settings, feels more like a Windows way of doing it haha just pointing that out!


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